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Below you will find the high resolution car wallpaper for Toyota Aygo 2012. You may use the car wallpaper for any of the following widescreen screen resolutions:
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Toyota Aygo 2012
Published On : Jan 06, 2012
Image Copyright : TOYOTA
Toyota Aygo 2012 - Car Wallpaper at Dieselstation


Toyota Aygo 2012

Toyota Aygo gets fresh styling combined with increased efficiency for the MY2012. The 2012 Toyota Aygo features a new, stronger Toyota design execution, a revised interior with new colour schemes, enhanced infotainment connectivity, improvements to ride comfort and cabin quietness, the addition of paddle shift control to MultiMode transmission versions, and a 3 year (or 100,000 km – whichever comes first) pan-European warranty. The AYGO also comes with 12 years corrosion cover. The pricing for the Aygo 2012 starts from £8,590.