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Scion xD Mobile Kitchen
Published On : Nov 19, 2009
Image Copyright : Scion
Scion xD Mobile Kitchen - Car Image at Dieselstation


Scion xD Mobile Kitchen

The 2009 Scion xD Mobile Kitchen was unveiled at SEMA. Paying homage to the Los Angeles roaming Kogi Korean BBQ truck famous both for its combination of Korean with Mexican food, the show car spares very little in fitting all the required equipment for beers and a barbeque into every nook and cranny of a Scion Kogi xD.

The Scion Kogi xD Mobile Kitchen by MV Designz rear seats are ditched in favour of a fridge incorporated into the left rear door and an ice chest and sink fitted to the right rear door. At the rear, the griddle allows for the usual culinary culprits – burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, sweetcorn, etc. – cooked in front of a 10-inch monitor with utensils pinched from the left tail light and finished off by condiments stored in the right.