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Scion tC RS 7.0 2012
Published On : Jun 30, 2011
Image Copyright : Scion
Scion tC RS 7.0 2012 - Car Picture at Dieselstation


Scion tC RS 7.0 2012

Painted in High voltage yellow color, the Scion tC RS 7.0 2012 will be available at the Scion dealers this summer. The 2012 tC Sports coupe will come standard with a new Pioneer™ audio system that features Bluetooth® hands-free, Bluetooth® streaming audio and HD Radio™ technology. The tC RS 7.0 also features Smart Key, a convenient keyless entry system that unlocks the doors with a touch of the door handle. The system also includes a red TRD push-button start allowing the car to be started with the push of a button. The use of the Smart Key system is a first for Scion.