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Renault Wind 2011
Published On : Feb 02, 2010
Image Copyright : Renault
Renault Wind 2011 - Car Image at Dieselstation


Renault Wind 2011

Renault Wind, a coupé-roadster, will be unveiled by Renault at Geneva Motor show. Renault Wind is a two-seater coupé-roadster of 3.83 metres in length which features a highly innovative way of opening up. With its novel electric roof that pivots open in just 12 seconds, Renault Wind brings a completely different take on a car for drivers who enjoy wind-in-the-hair motoring. Renault Wind is aimed at motorists who lust after a car that is not only distinctive and compact, but also convertible yet practical enough for everyday use.
Although Wind’s compact dimensions make it a nimble machine in and about town, it is the only car of its class to provide just as much luggage space (270dm3 VDA) whatever the position of the roof. True to Renault's brand signature "Drive the Change", Wind makes passion affordable for everyone.