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Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010
Published On : Oct 12, 2010
Image Copyright : Peugeot
Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 - Car Image at Dieselstation


Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010

Peugeot HR1 Concept 2010 is based on several different body designs: city run-around, coupe and SUV. The end result: an urban hybrid concept car. Measuring only 3.67 m, it has very short front and rear overhangs. The HR1 Concept derives its design styling from the SR1 Concept car. The HR1 shares the same expressive headlamps with their finely chiselled design and the single “floating” front grille which seems to be detached from the rest of the body, as the SR1.