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Nissan Maxima 2012
Published On : Sep 02, 2011
Image Copyright : Nissan
Nissan Maxima 2012 - Car Picture at Dieselstation


Nissan Maxima 2012

Nissan Maxima 2012 is now available at the Nissan dealerships nationwide. For the MY2012, Maxima is offered in two models - Maxima 3.5 S and Maxima 3.5 SV, each featuring a standard 290-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine and Xtronic CVT® transmission – and with no price increase despite a number of significant enhancements for the new model year. The MSRP for Maxima 3.5 S is $31,750 USD and for Maxima 3.5 SV CVT is $34,450 USD.