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Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2010
Published On : Jan 26, 2010
Image Copyright : Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2010 - Car Wallpaper at Dieselstation


Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2010

Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2010 comes in four versions, all revised with fresh and aggressive styling. The Outlander line features two four-cylinder models -- base ES and well-equipped SE -- and two V6 models, the feature-packed XLS and the new-for-2010 GT. The ES, SE, and XLS models are available with 2WD or AWC. The premium Outlander GT is standard exclusively with the road holding control of Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC). The redesigned 2010 Outlander sees the addition of a distinctive jet fighter front grille, which evokes the sporty history of Mitsubishi’s family line-up. Backing up those looks in the GT is the addition of a blacked out front bumper cover design and a lightweight aluminum roof.