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G-Power BMW M3 E46 2012
Published On : May 02, 2012
Image Copyright : G-POWER
G-Power BMW M3 E46 2012 - Car Wallpaper at Dieselstation


G-Power BMW M3 E46 2012

The M3 E46 debuted in October 2000 and is now considered a classic BMW. At the time it was introduced on the market, the engine found under its bonnet was the most powerful naturally aspired BMW engine, thus the M3 E46 became an icon in the automotive world. If you find the M3 E46 appealing but fear that it's not powerful enough in our days then don't worry because G Power now paid homage to the M3 E46 and revealed their latest tuning kit which makes the old E46 more powerful than the E90.