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Ford Fiesta Titanium
Published On : Apr 06, 2010
Image Copyright : Ford
Ford Fiesta Titanium - Car Wallpapers at Dieselstation


Ford Fiesta Titanium

Britain's latest Fiesta celebrates its remarkable launch success with a new line-up and a new Titanium Individual special edition. The Fiesta range includes models like Studio, Edge, ECOnetic, Zetec, Titanium and Zetec S models and with 1.25 petrol and choices of 1.4-litre petrol or diesel or 1.6 petrol or diesel engines.

The new Ford Fiesta Titanium Individual offers a level of premium luxury rarely found in small cars while providing a saving of £100 over a similarly equipped Titanium model. The Titanium Individual is available in six exterior colors with a special red interior and has accessories like 16in, seven-spoke alloy wheels, Bluetooth with USB and unique premium leather seats in red and silver.