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New Fiat 500 C
Published On : Jul 02, 2009
Image Copyright : Fiat
New Fiat 500 C - Car Pictures at Dieselstation


New Fiat 500 C

The Fiat 500 C offers a comprehensive range of proven, widely acclaimed engines: two are petrol (a 1.2 litre, 69 bhp 8v and a 1.4 litre, 100 bhp 16v). The third is Fiatís award-winning 1.3 litre, 75 bhp 16v MultiJet turbodiesel with DPF. Each one offers different qualities, but all are combined with five or six speed manual gearboxes. A Dualogic semi-automatic sequential robotised gearbox is also available for the petrol engines, complete with steering wheel paddle shift on the 1.4 version.