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Fiat 500 Sport 2011
Published On : Sep 15, 2010
Image Copyright : Fiat
Fiat 500 Sport 2011 - Car Pictures at Dieselstation


Fiat 500 Sport 2011

Fiat 500 Sport Cinquecento, a car born in Italy and perfectly tailored for America, illustrates Fiat's smart and stylish design aesthetic. Like the original Fiat 500 a half-century ago, the new Cinquecento continues its timeless value while embracing individual expression and opportunity – all infused with world-class craftsmanship. The Fiat 500 Sport Cinquecento features athletically styled front and rear fascias with a larger grille, flared aerodynamic treatment, a performance red painted brake calipers, a chrome exhaust tip and gloss black shadow-line window trim. The all-new Fiat 500 will be available in three models: Sport, Pop and Lounge models in the spring of 2011. The images for Fiat 500 Sport model are shown after the jump.