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Imperium Bentley Continental GT 2011
Published On : Aug 08, 2011
Image Copyright : Imperium
Imperium Bentley Continental GT 2011 - Car Picture at Dieselstation


Imperium Bentley Continental GT 2011

Imperium, the UK tuning specialist, is known to build one-off creations: something truly unique and tailored to the exact specifications of the individual client. The new Impreium Bentley Continental GT is a one-off creation as well dressed up in strong maroon color. Some of the unique features of this Bentley Continental GT include uniquely designed front and rear apron upgrades, aggressive carbon exposed side skirts, subtle boot lip spoiler and rear carbon fibre diffuser. All new bespoke designed bodywork components are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards from ultra light prepreg autoclave carbon fibre to create a perfect surface finish and factory fit to the vehicle.