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Acura TSX Sedan 2011
Published On : Jul 05, 2011
Image Copyright : Acura
Acura TSX Sedan 2011 - Car Picture at Dieselstation


Acura TSX Sedan 2011

For the MY2011, the Acura TSX receives exterior and interior upgrades. On the outside, the Acura TSX 2011 receives a new front fascia and an updated grill that team with new underbody panels to improve aerodynamics. While on the inside, the TSX receives a host of visual upgrades in the form of revised styling for the center console, darker trim pieces, brightly finished door handles, an updated parking brake handle, new steering wheel garnishes along with contrasting-color stitching for the leather seats, door armrests and center console. The 2011 TSX sedan remains fun to drive thanks to two powerful engine choices; a spirited 2.4L inline four cylinder and a torquey 3.5L V-6. [Picture Update: July 5, 2011]